Firearms Safety Video For First Time Gun Owners and Buyers

This firearms safety rules video is a production of the SWAT Brothers Podcast.

Retired Lt. Robert Owens, a 40-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department discusses key safety measures for new gun buyers as well as experienced gun owners.

The retired officer and firearms instructor spent 20 years with Dallas SWAT and ran the department’s training range during his time with DPD.

He also ran Presidential Protection details by Dallas SWAT for President George W. Bush.

Owens teaches private lessons to high net worth individuals, celebrities, and professional athletes in North Texas through his firm

The year 2020 has been marked by record numbers of background checks which indicates tens of thousands of first-time gun buyers are arming themselves for self-protection in response to violent looting across the country.

Negligent discharges are already increasing due to a lack of training.

SWAT Brothers and OwenRiggs urge first-time gun buyers to get training from a professional or NRA certified instructor.

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